“Manger! Boire! Eat! Drink!” What is it and why should I go??

We’re getting ready to start up our popular Thursday night “Manger! Boire! Eat! Drink!” special theme dinners again here at Chez Nous and we’d love for you to come and check it out!  We started these dinners two years ago as a way of fending off any off-season sleepiness, getting ourselves to step out of the kitchen, out of the normal “dinner” formula, often out of our comfort zone quite frankly, and enjoy the guests and show them something different.  

Every week we choose a theme — an ingredient, a region or country, a technique or style of cooking — and we choose some dishes to fit the theme.  We pair a couple of wines with the food, print up a sheet with all of the recipes for the night, present the wines briefly with some background and tasting notes, and do a short cooking demonstration in the dining room for the guests.

In the beginning it sounded like a fun way for us to meet fellow foodies and spend the evening enjoying and talking about cooking, food, and wine.  We figured we had nothing to lose.  Business tends to slow down on those dark, cold Thursday nights, so we thought at least we’ve found a way to keep trying new recipes, testing some new wines, getting to know some of our customers in a more personal way.  If 4 people were to come, that would be great, and if 20 people show up,  even better.  Well, now 2 years later we have to say that it’s been a great experience so far to see so many guests, many of them nearly every week, coming in to try what we’ve got to offer and having a great time doing it.  It’s kind of like hosting a party every Thursday and we’re ready to get started!!

The first MBED will be on Thursday, Nov. 1.  We’re still deliberating the theme, but here is a list of previous themes that we’ve done.  Let us know if there’s something you’re interested in learning about/tasting and we’ll be happy to put it out there! “like” us on facebook if you want to know the upcoming themes and other special events!




-Working with Shellfish

-Fermented Foods

-Provencal Dishes

-Korean Food

-Mexican Food

-Lebanese Food

-Vegan dishes

-Gluten-free cooking (with a special guest nutritionist!)

-Low-glycemic cooking

-Beaujolais Nouveau Night