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Spicy Moroccan Harissa

We have so many requests for this recipe, we thought it was time to share it here.  This harissa has a great balace between spicy and sweet, with a large amount of roasted red peppers & sundried tomatoes blended in to the spice mix.  Perfect with grilled fish, kebabs, on the side with your Moroccan Tagine, as a marinade, schmeared on a grilled vegetable sandwich…endless possibilities!Harissa

1.5 T Cumin

1.5 T Coriander

1.5 T Anise seeds

2 T Caraway Seeds

½ c Chili Flakes

-Toast in a dry pan until fragrant 

-powder in spice grinder


1.5 T Salt

8-10 cloves garlic

2 c roasted red peppers

1.5 c sun-dried tomatoes

-puree in food processor with spices

-drizzle with olive oil for consistency of smooth paste


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