Chez Nous Bistro

150 Main St.
Lee, MA 01238

Take Out Menu & Outdoor Dining
Regular Hours Closing October 12 for the season. Pop-up take out and special events will be announced! Thank you!


Chez Nous in LEE MASSACHUSETTS is where a French chef from Brittany and an American pastry chef, working with a team of like-minded, talented people in both our staff and our suppliers, are able to bring our passion for cooking and eating well to the table. From the integrity of our ingredients, the producers of our wines, our attention to detail in both preparation and service, we look to provide consistency, quality and pleasure. Bon appétit! Franck Tessier & Rachel Portnoy

Pop-Up Take Outs will be back in January! Thank you for all of the wonderful support of our Holiday TakeOuts!

OUR LAST NIGHT OF THE SEASON, SUNDAY, OCT 11. After 16 wonderful years of running the restaurant, we’ve decided to seize this moment to take a break and hibernate for a while. We’ve been so grateful for all of the support we’ve had from everyone, customers and staff, to get through this challenging season. We will spend the winter safely pondering our next ideas for the restaurant, and how we will continue to cook for you when the spring arrives, and hopefully better times for all. We are grateful that we were able to operate, pivot to take-out, welcome you all through our masks, and enjoy working together, and actually thrive, pushing the limits of what our business could do under extreme circumstances. We will be popping up with special take-outs and other treats through the winter. Follow us on facebook or instagram to see events that we will be doing to keep us busy through the winter! Merci beaucoup and be well!