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Cod Brandade

For all the tips and tricks to make the most delicious Cod Brandade, check out this video from our Facebook Live cooking series.

I always describe this dish to customers as “French Macaroni and Cheese” which makes no sense at all. Brandade has no macaroni – or pasta of any shape – and no cheese in it. But to me this great, classic Provençal dish has everything that Macaroni & Cheese gives me: creamy, warm, starchy comfort. Franck demonstrates this recipe on Facebook live and it really is easy to make, and has endless variations: you can add olives, sundried tomatoes, pesto, melted leeks or zucchini, a different kind of fish (salmon would be great). The traditional Brandade is made with Salt Cod (Brandade de Morue). To avoid the strong taste that salt cod can sometimes have, we make it with fresh fish, which we salt for about 1/2 hr to draw out some of the moisture, and then rinse. You can serve this as an appetizer, with crostini to spread it on, or let it cool and shape it into little balls, bread it and fry it to make delicious fritters.

Fresh Cod Brandade

1 lb fresh cod

2 -3 T salt

1 lb russet potatoes

Approx 3 c Milk, whole clove garlic, branch each thyme, rosemary

-Salt fish for 30 mins, then rinse and pat dry

-Boil potatoes in unsalted water until soft

-Bring milk, garlic & herbs to boil.  Cook fish in milk.

-Drain, finish mashed potatoes with milk from the stove

-Fold in fish, season afterwards.

-Bake in 350 F oven with filling, if desired