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Chocolate Lava Cake

Greg Nesbit Photography

There are so many versions of this cake, and many places that claim to have invented it. This variation happens to be my personal favorite: the proportions are just right. I have to admit, I’m not a chocoholic. I’m a pastry chef who happens to prefer vanilla, or lemon, or fruit. It’s controversial. But I’ll eat chocolate, of course. It just has to be really good. And these cakes happen to be a snap to make, too (as long as you have some chocolate ganache on hand; or nutella, or peanut butter, or chunks of your favorite chocolate or a chocolate truffle, a spoon of jam…you can put whatever you like in the middle, really).

Lava Cake
Oven 375F Approx 6-8 mins., put 1 t ganache in middle
Makes 10
Butter 4 oz ramekins and line with sugar

Melt together:
150 g butter
195 g bittersweet chocolate

4 eggs
4 yolks

105 g. cake flour (or gluten free flour blend, I use Bob’s Red Mill 1-for1)
135 g powdered sugar
Pinch salt

Add eggs and yolks to butter and chocolate mixture. Sift dry ingredients and fold in by hand. Scoop half of the mixture into prepared molds, place a teaspoon of ganache (or see above for other ideas), then scoop the rest of the mixture on top to cover the ganache and bake until middle looks a little shiny still, just barely baked. Turn out when cool enough and reheat 10-20 seconds in the microwave to serve.

Chocolate Ganache

Bring 1 cup cream to a boil. Pour over 1 1/2 c chopped dark chocolate. When chocolate is melted, whisk smooth, then add pinch of salt & 1-2 T of your favorite alcohol (rum, brandy, kahlua, Bailey’s) (optional). Ganache keeps in the fridge 2-3 weeks, or in the freezer.