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Pop-Up Dinner 11/12-11/13: Steak au Poivre

Please forward this video to 1:25 to avoid the beginning where everyone is getting oriented and lots of dogs are barking!

Recipes for the Pop-Up Dinner:

Classic French Onion Soup

Thinly slice enough onions to yield 8 c.  Put in a soup kettle with 3-4 T oil.  Cover pot and simmer 15-20 minds. Uncover pot, add fresh thyme branch or ½ t dried thyme, 1 ½ t salt.  Raise heat to medium and cook onions, stirring often, until they are a rich medium brown color.  It can take 45 mins, and it is the most important step for this soup.

Stir in ¼ c flour and cook a couple of minutes, stirring.  Add 2 qt veggie stock or water, 2 c white wine, 1/3 c soy sauce, splash of Port.  Simmer about ½ hr and season with salt and pepper to taste. Finish with croutons & grated cheese under the broiler.

Steak au Poivre

8 oz steaks

2 shallots, minced

½ c crushed peppercorns (we use mix of black and green)

1 c beef jus/demi glace

¼ c cognac

Salt, pepper

¼ c cream or sour cream

Press peppercorns into steak. Heat skillet on high and sear the steaks, peppercorn-side down, then remove from pan. Add a splash of oil to same pan then sweat the shallots. Flambee with cognac, add the jus, then reduce to thicken sauce. Add salt & cream at the end.

Lemon Tart Base 1 large tart

2 sticks soft butter

1/4 c sugar

2 T powdered sugar

1 t vanilla

2 1/4 c flour

1/2 t salt

Heat oven to 400F. Combine butter, sugars and salt until fluffy. Add flour to make crumbly mixture. Press into tart mold and bake completely

Lemon Tart Filling:

1 c lemon juice

2 T lemon zest

1 1/4 sticks butter

½ c cream

1 1/4 c sugar

4 eggs

2 yolks

½ t salt

½ t vanilla

Bring juice, zest, butter and cream to simmer. Whisk sugar, eggs, yolks, salt and slowly add hot liquid to temper. Pour back into pan and cook to thicken, until first bubbles appear. Add vanilla and salt off heat, pass through sieve and fill baked tart shell. Bake at 300 to set, about 10-15mins. Chill thoroughly before cutting.