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Franckie’s Turmeric Tonic Ice Cubes

We’re never really about moderation around here…we love what we do, we love to eat, it all goes hand in hand.  The results can be euphoric or destructive…it’s a mixed bag and often both at once.  For cooks, it’s really hard to find a balance between not standing too much, not lifting too much, not eating too much.  Now we find ourselves looking at maybe a bit more weight than we’d like to be carrying around, a bit of back pain here and shoulder pain there.  One remedy that caught our eye was Turmeric Tonic, a refreshing beverage based on the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.  Why not give it a try? we thought.  And, going along with our tendancy towards a lack of moderation, why don’t we make the stuff in massive quantities so that we can drink it every day??  And why don’t we make it super-concentrated and freeze it in the ice cube trays we used to make baby food in way back when??  And then all we have to do is just dilute it in hot or cold water, depending on season/preference/mood??I assure you, this stuff is actually delicious.  And extremely handy to have around.  Making a smoothie?  Throw a couple of cubes in.  Feel like you’re coming down with a cold?  Boil water and add cubes and a touch of honey.  Why not try it in a cocktail?  Looking to make your sparkling water into a tasty spritzer…voila!  It’s a great way to get some healthy fresh tumeric into your diet on a regular basis.  We love it so much we wanted to share it with you.  Now that the garden is blooming we’re thinking about whirring some fresh mint into the next batch.  Feel free to multiply the recipe…

Franck’s Turmeric Tonic

-makes 4 ice-cube trays worth of concentrated tumeric cubes

1 large ‘hand’ fresh ginger

1/2 lb fresh tumeric

1 lemons, zest & juice

2 oranges, zest and juice

1 t black pepper

pinch salt

optional: honey

Bring 2 qt water to boil in a large saucepan.  Wash the tumeric and ginger thoroughly, then puree in food processor.  When water boils, off heat add the tumeric & ginger puree, the zest and juice, pepper and salt and optional honey.  Allow mix to steep at least 1 hr or overnight in the fridge.  Press through a seive to remove the solids, then pour into ice cube molds and freeze.