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Corn Souffle

A Light and Delicious Corn Souffle at the end of the Sweet Corn Season


It’s tricky timing, but we do get many recipe requests in the summer and I’m doing my best to catch up with them all!  Pinning Franck down to a written recipe is the first part of the challenge sometimes; but usually there is a run-away hit each summer that gets the most requests and this summer it has been our light and corn-packed Sweet Corn Souffle.   A variation on the ever-popular Twice-baked Cheese Souffle, ours has no cheese, but can be baked once, and then a second time when you’re ready to serve it, making it a truly easy dish!  We hope you enjoy before the last of the corn disappears for the season…

Sweet Corn Souffle

Corn Souffle – makes 12 6 oz souffles

Prepare molds:  coat with soft butter and then bread crumbs


3 oz butter

2 oz flour

24 oz milk

6 eggs, separated

5 ears fresh corn

½ onion or 1 bunch scallion


-Mince onion and sweat in butter

-Cut corn off the cob, roast in a smoking hot pan or grill

-Pulse corn slightly in food processor

-Make béchamel with butter, flour, and milk, (melt butter, add flour, stir 1-2 mins to cook out the flour, then add milk gradually, bring to boil, whisking, and then simmer until thick and doesn’t taste flour-y) whisk in yolks at the end.

Whip whites with pinch cream of tartar to medium-firm peak.

Mix béchamel with onion, corn

Fold in whites, season to taste.

Portion into buttered molds.  Bake at 375 in a water bath until firm.


Can chill when cooked and reheat when you want to serve.