Best of Boston – Berkshires

2005In his newly renovated restaurant, chef Franck Tessier serves extraordinary French cuisine including goat cheese–and–portobello timbale, scallops with saffron risotto, and chicken fricassée. Guests sit in one of three tasteful dining rooms, and pastry chef (and Tessier’s wife) Rachel Portnoy makes a hot chocolate mousse and a banana toffee tart that are sweet bliss.

Berkshires Now

… this is definitely one of the best restaurants we have been to in the Berkshires.

Rural Intelligence

With Chez Nous, they were aiming at [creating] the sort of French bistro that astonishes travelers throughout provincial France. One may enter with a touch of trepidation; how can a place this modest be any good? Then food and service make misgivings melt. Using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, they turn out perfect bistro classics and dishes of their own invention at unbeatable prices. A pretty French waitress hovers, making sure glasses are refilled and needs are met. The only thing to jar the illusion that one is in La France profonde? The vegetarian options are more than an afterthought, as Rachel cops to that bias herself.

Zagat 2010

Half the time it’s excellent, the other half it’s out of sight” pronounce pleased “picky locals” of Gallic chef Franck Tessier’s “mouthwatering” French fare and his American wife Rachel Portnoy’s “luscious desserts” (she also offers “warm welcomes” as hostess) at this “comfy”, …“country house” in Lee; there’s also a “quality wine list”, from which the “efficient” staff can suggest “perfect complements.”“24” for food, “23” for service