The Ultimate Homemade Lemoncello

Once you start making things from scratch for yourself, it starts to be a bit obsessive.  We’ve worked Lemoncello into our repertoire gradually.  A friend who is a flight attendant took up the adorable habit of bringing us bottles of delicious, creamy lemoncello whenever she flew to Italy.  Then another friend decided to hand out […]

Buttery Breton Sablee Cookies

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography Franck loves to say that I’m living the dream:  “Every American woman wants to be married to a French guy!”  I like to humor him, but I had enough experiences in professional kitchens with French guys way before I even met Franck that for a long time I figured that […]

Warm Dark Chocolate Tart

Le Gavroche’s Warm Dark Chocolate Tart with Einkorn Crust Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography What’s the deal with “secret recipes”?  Not only is the concept morally unsound to me, but it’s completely redundant:  if no one ever shared great recipes, where would we be today?  Isn’t the very root of the word recipe “to receive”??  […]

Blueberry-Lemon Scones: a recipe with photos

Fruit, Oat & Einkorn Scones Makes 16 scones Adapted from Linda Rondinone, Block Island, RI Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography In an industry which specializes in hot and crazy, you have to be pretty selective about your jobs.  It’s rare to stumble into a dream job: a kitchen with a window and a decent amount […]

A Creamy Crab Gratin…

It really is hard to articulate exactly how incredibly intensely we worked in the kitchen at Le Gavroche in London.  At the time, it was kind of surreal to be constantly running, never having a sense of control over the job in front of you, never having had enough sleep that wasn’t ridden with dreams […]

Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine…a Recipe

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography We make braised short ribs year-round here at the restaurant.  We have to; people just love them.  With olives and  peppers in the summer, with Ponzu Sauce in the fall,  it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, short ribs never seem to lose their appeal. With our seasonal menu, […]

The best fruit shortcakes made with Einkorn flour

  I’ve continued to be amazed with each thing that I bake using Einkorn flour and how delicious it is!  We currently have my dentist’s office in a meeting in our private dining room, and these folks have eaten many of my scones over the years.  They’re one of my favorite things to make (and […]

Corn Souffle

A Light and Delicious Corn Souffle at the end of the Sweet Corn Season   It’s tricky timing, but we do get many recipe requests in the summer and I’m doing my best to catch up with them all!  Pinning Franck down to a written recipe is the first part of the challenge sometimes; but […]

Gluten Free Recipes, a Work in Progress…

This past year, gluten free cooking has become our mantra, as more and more guests come into the restaurant who are gluten intolerant. Not satisfied with merely serving them gluten-free bread and discussing the limitations of our menu for them, we decided that it was time to really restructure our menu in a much smarter […]

Speculoos Fruit Crumble

Crumble…gotta have it…it’s just one of those things!  People love crumble so much, if it’s not on the menu, that’s it, they’re not getting any dessert.  I have to say,  I love it too.  It’s not the most original dessert out there, but when it’s well done (fruit’s not too sweetened, crumble is cooked through […]