The best fruit shortcakes made with Einkorn flour

  I’ve continued to be amazed with each thing that I bake using Einkorn flour and how delicious it is!  We currently have my dentist’s office in a meeting in our private dining room, and these folks have eaten many of my scones over the years.  They’re one of my favorite things to make (and […]

Gluten Free Recipes, a Work in Progress…

This past year, gluten free cooking has become our mantra, as more and more guests come into the restaurant who are gluten intolerant. Not satisfied with merely serving them gluten-free bread and discussing the limitations of our menu for them, we decided that it was time to really restructure our menu in a much smarter […]

Speculoos Fruit Crumble

Crumble…gotta have it…it’s just one of those things!  People love crumble so much, if it’s not on the menu, that’s it, they’re not getting any dessert.  I have to say,  I love it too.  It’s not the most original dessert out there, but when it’s well done (fruit’s not too sweetened, crumble is cooked through […]

What’s a Posset?

It has become a summer tradition here to serve this simple and refreshing dessert. I have so many requests for the recipe, I’ve decided to post it so that you can astonish your guests this summer with something that is so easy and delicious! It’s an old-fashioned, creamy English dessert made without any eggs or […]

Rhubarb Custard Pie…sigh…

I always say, and it really is true, that it’s impossible to pick my favorite recipe.  There are just too many good things in the world to make and we’re forever discovering new ones, which is the best part.  But I have to admit, Rhubarb Custard Pie is definitely deserving of a spot in my […]

Flourless Chocolate Devastation Cake

I often say that I could just put one dessert on the menu, and nobody would mind, and it would be this one. (I guess we’d have to keep the Blondie Sundae, too, as that has its share of fans!) I have to give credit for the original recipe to my friend and fellow baker, […]