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Ramp Season is Here: Pickles & Pesto

Recently we did a video on how to cook with ramps that you can find in the woods this time of year. Franck made Pickles & Pesto with ramp bases and leaves:

Ramp Pickles

Enough of the bases/stems/white part of ramp to fill a pint jar, well cleaned 4-6 times

1/2 c honey

1 c distilled vinegar

1 t peppercorns

1 t mustard seeds

1/2 t chili flakes

1/2 t fennel seeds

1 bay leaf

1 1/2 t salt

Bring honey to a boil until it froths up. Meanwhile, pack the ramp stems into a hot, sterilized pint jar. Add spices to honey and simmer 30 seconds. Add vinegar and remove from heat. Pour over stems and close the jar. Let rest in the fridge for 2-3 days before eating.

Ramp Coulis or Pesto

2 c green ramp leaves, well-washed and drained

1 t chopped garlic

2 t olive oil

salt, pepper

1/4 c additional olive oil

optional: 1/4 c parmesan cheese, 1/4 c pinenuts or almonds

Heat a large saute pan extremely hot. Quickly add 2 t olive oil, then the garlic. Simmer 10 seconds, then add ramps. Quickly wilt the ramps in the pan, don’t cook too much. Should take 30-60 seconds. Immediately transfer to a blender and liquify with additional olive oil. If you’d like to make a pesto, add the cheese and nuts. Season to taste with salt & pepper. If you’d like to keep it very green, transfer immediately to a bowl which is placed over a bowl of ice to cool quickly. Store in fridge 3-4 days or freezer 1 month.

Click on the link to see the Facebook Live video

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