What do we know about Korean food??

We’re aware that this is a French restaurant!!  But we actually love to cook everything, and “Manger! Boire!” night is such a great way for us to share the other things that we know, besides French cuisine and pastry!

Living in London and studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in the mid 90’s, I somehow got mixed up with a band of Korean boarders living with a Korean family… long story…but what an amazing discovery for me: Korean food!  I happily devoured fabulous meals at their communal table, coming early and staying late to cook, cook, cook with the lady of the house.  Her English was sparse, but we smiled at each other, cooked, and smiled some more.  I took copious notes and ended up thanking them when it was time to go with a lasagna dinner (their requested dish:  never saw a group of people get so excited about lasagna and garlic bread…I was surprised until I realized that it was probably the amount of GARLIC in everything that they were loving!  garlic being an integral ingredient in Korean food).  We made breakfast, lunch and dinner together and I have to say, I never felt so healthy and energetic as during this time when I ate mostly Korean food!  Very light, savory, full of garlic, ginger, chilies and fermented pickles, this cuisine is definitely among our favorites.  It’s a huge cuisine with a vast history, and so different from other Asian cuisines.  We’re looking forward to showing what we know about Korean food to our guests this Thursday night!


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