Rachel Portnoy

Flourless Chocolate Devastation Cake

I often say that I could just put one dessert on the menu, and nobody would mind, and it would be this one. (I guess we’d have to keep the Blondie Sundae, too, as that has its share of fans!) I have to give credit for the original recipe to my friend and fellow baker, Jill Rose, who generously shared it with me years ago. I don’t know how many I’ve made since! It’s a bit late for Passover, but it doesn’t matter. This cake is great any time. Everyone loves it. Trust me, I know!

Flourless Chocolate Devastation Cake

1 9 inch cake
Heat oven to 325 F

Melt over simmering pan of water (not too hot!):

1 lb. 2 oz good quality bittersweet chocolate
1 + 1/3 sticks unsalted butter

Mix together by hand with a whisk:
10 eggs
1 1/3 c sugar

Combine chocolate mix and egg mix in a large bowl and mix thoroughly, then pour into greased 9 inch pan lined with parchment on bottom. Bake in a water bath for 25-30 mins, until sides look dry but middle still shiny & jiggly. Let chill overnight then release with a sharp knife and turn out onto cake plate, remove parchment circle and flip onto serving plate.

Bon appetit!


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