Einkorn Sourdough Bread

We aren’t the first, and we certainly won’t be the last, to be amazed by the fantastic results that a home baker can get by baking bread in a Dutch oven placed inside your regular oven.  We were, however, perhaps the most disappointed when we finally tried this incredibly easy and satisfying way to make […]

Buttery Breton Sablee Cookies

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography Franck loves to say that I’m living the dream:  “Every American woman wants to be married to a French guy!”  I like to humor him, but I had enough experiences in professional kitchens with French guys way before I even met Franck that for a long time I figured that […]

Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine…a Recipe

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography We make braised short ribs year-round here at the restaurant.  We have to; people just love them.  With olives and  peppers in the summer, with Ponzu Sauce in the fall,  it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, short ribs never seem to lose their appeal. With our seasonal menu, […]

What’s a Posset?

It has become a summer tradition here to serve this simple and refreshing dessert. I have so many requests for the recipe, I’ve decided to post it so that you can astonish your guests this summer with something that is so easy and delicious! It’s an old-fashioned, creamy English dessert made without any eggs or […]

Flourless Chocolate Devastation Cake

I often say that I could just put one dessert on the menu, and nobody would mind, and it would be this one. (I guess we’d have to keep the Blondie Sundae, too, as that has its share of fans!) I have to give credit for the original recipe to my friend and fellow baker, […]