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Braised Chicken with Olives and Peppers

What’s with the recent backlash against the word “foodie”?? A recent issue of one of our favorite cooking magazines recently went on a minor diatribe about this “catchall word for people who appreciate a great meal and what goes into it” and it’s not the first we’ve seen…The editor claims that the word is “goofy” […]

Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme

I have written before about how much I need and love my pastry gurus, and Joanne Chang of Flour bakery is certainly one of them. Right now I’m getting inspired by her newest book, Baking with Less Sugar, but her first cookbook, Flour, is one that I have used for so many delicious desserts here […]

“The Wine Blog” reviews Chez Nous-Bodegas Francos Espanola Wine Dinner

Alchemy Initiative’s review of Chez Nous’ Gluten-Free Baking Class! Rachel Portnoy, a pastry chef, and her husband Franck Tessier, a French chef, used to eat a diet filled with gluten. But after learning that Franck’s blood glucose levels were too high and he was at risk of developing diabetes, they cut gluten from their diet. Being chefs and restaurant owners, Rachel and Franck […]

So Much to Do in the Berkshires,   So Much to Do in Berkshire County PREVIEW SHARE COMMENT PRINT  Gallery Preview 1 of 15 Previous Next David Wade By Carley Thornell Correspondent September 15, 2014 12:59 PM Massachusetts is famed for its colorful foliage — especially Berkshire County — but there’s more to do in this Western Mass. enclave than merely leaf-peep. From savoring […]

The Menu Changes Every Day!

Check out the menu displayed here online to give you as idea of what’s cooking at Chez Nous these days.  The menu changes every day to show off what’s freshest and most delicious.  Merci!

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse Torte

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography I have what I like to refer to as my “pastry gurus. ”  These are the recipe-writers who not only care enough to only publish recipes for things that are yummy, but also to write their recipes and edit them so that they WORK. Many people tell me that they […]

Tuscan Lemon Almond Torte

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography Everyone knows how I feel about secret recipes: they’re against my religion!  Enjoying a dish and then requesting the recipe is just the highest compliment you can give.  And some things are just so wonderful, they have to be shared.  I received this incredible recipe from an extremely talented pastry […]

New Edible Berkshires Einkorn Article by Rachel Portnoy

DISCOVERING EINKORN: A GRAIN THAT GOES AGAINST THE GRAIN February 14, 2014 · Rachel Portnoy By Rachel Portnoy Recipe by Franck Tessier Chefs and owners of Chez Nous Bistro, Lee What is einkorn? Why should I eat it? How can I get it? How do I cook with it? These are questions that we are answering over […]

Salade Lyonnaise: Red-Wine Poached Egg & Salad

Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography We may not think as often about salad for dinner in the winter.  In summer we love to make large composed salads with hard boiled eggs, a piece of seared fish, boiled small red potatoes.  The lightness and the freshness are perfect for the season.  But what about salad for […]